Eisteddfod Rules & Information

Rules & Entry Information

The City of Hobart Eisteddfod uses an online entry system (called Stardom) so all entries are made online and the Schedule (Syllabus) is also only available online. If you or your organisation requires assistance, please email secretary@hobarteisteddfod.com.au.

Entries close 11:59pm, 14 April 2019, although late entries can be received online with the addition of a $10 late fee per section entry. The eisteddfod reserves the right to refuse or accept late entries. Stardom will be accepting entries up until 11:59pm, 21 of April 2019.

Notification of performance time is only available once the full program has been released.

Please note that any prize amounts shown are indicative and subject to change without notice. Prizes will be confirmed in the released program.

Information is updated regularly on the Eisteddfod's website and Facebook page.

Updated APRA Fee $1.21 Per Entry for 2019

There have been significant changes to the way eisteddfods are licensed to use music which will have an impact on the City Of Hobart Eisteddfod from 2017. These changes are out of the control of the City of Hobart Eisteddfod but have forced the imposition of an APRA license fee to be added to each Eisteddfod Entry. This fee is placed on each and every section entry regardless of participant numbers (solo, group, choir, band etc) and regardless of the type and amount of items performed in each particular entry.

APRA AMCOS, ARIA and PPCA are rights management organisations who secure a financial return (royalties) for performers, composers and songwriters whose works are used and enjoyed by all Australian organisations, including Eisteddfods. You may have a licence with all or some of these organisations.


  • Pianoforte - Katherine Austin

  • Classical Voice - Shaun Murphy

  • Instrumental - Michele Walsh

  • Instrumental Groups & Percussion – Gary Wain

  • Contemporary Voice / Musical Theatre - David Butler

  • Choral & Vocal Groups - Shaun Murphy

  • Drama - Anne Cordiner

  • Nelle Ashdown Award - Wendy Page

  • Musical Theatre Cabaret Award - TBA

Major Award - Nelle Ashdown Memorial

The finalists will be the winners of the Open Pianoforte Recital, the Open Instrumental Recital and the BMW Hobart Open Operatic Aria, provided entry numbers support performance standard, and conditional upon being able to perform in the Highlights Concert at the Hobart Town Hall.

Adjudication will be based upon the Highlights Concert performance. Performance item/s can be own choice. Time limit 10 minutes. A copy of the music is to be provided for the adjudicator.

Major Award - Musical Theatre Cabaret Award

(Note: This new award is subject to change)

The finalists will be the winners of the Open Music Theatre Award, the Open Cabaret Award and one person chosen by the adjudicator, provided entry numbers support performance standard, and conditional upon being able to perform in the Highlights Concert at the Hobart Town Hall.

Adjudication will be based upon the Highlights Concert performance. Performance of 2 songs of own choice. Time limit up to 10 minutes. A copy of the music is to be provided for the adjudicator.

Major Award - Lord Mayor’s Outstanding Secondary School

An aggregate award for the secondary school gaining the most awards with groups of three or more students in any section or combination of sections. Each group must be entered by the school, not privately.


Conditions of Entry

1.    Acceptance of Entries

Entries must be lodged within the specified period, complete in all details and accompanied by the correct fees, by online entry. Credit/Debit cards facilities are provided by the online entry system which incur no additional fees. By submitting the entry form you, or the person on whose behalf it is submitted, are acknowledging that you unconditionally agree to be bound by these conditions. ENTRY FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

2.    General Conditions

a.         An administration fee of $3 is charged per online entry. A single entry may be used for multiple classes and discipline entries for multiple competitors. In addition, an APRA license fee of $1.21 cents per class entry will be automatically calculated and added to each online entry. This fee is regardless of the number of performers in each class.

b.         Entry may be made in any classes listed within the entrant’s age group. Age will be taken as at 1st of May 2019. For a competitor to be eligible for an age specific special award, entrants aged 18 and under must have their age specified on the entry form.

c.          Participants in graded classes may enter no more than two grades per instrument. The grades must be consecutive.

d.          Previous City of Hobart Eisteddfod winning (i.e. first prize) items may not be performed again by the same competitor.

e.          Entrants must check the class number, category and age group for each competitor on their entry, as contestants may not move from one class to another or change the order of performance once the program has been printed. Exceptions: classes 430, 840, 1350 and 1490.

f.         In the case of an irregular entry in exceptional circumstances the Executive Committee of the City of Hobart Eisteddfod Society at its discretion may permit the contestant/s to perform and receive a report. The contestant/s will not be eligible for an award.

g.         The City of Hobart Eisteddfod Society reserves the right to remove or combine classes which have fewer than three entrants.

3.    Choice of Material

a.          All items are own choice, but care should be taken that items chosen comply with the requirements as itemised for the class and category in the syllabus. The quality of choice will be taken into consideration.

b.         Vocal, Choral and Drama items in classes other than Open should be age appropriate. Allitems chosen for the Highlights Concert must be free of strong language and offensive material. Please be aware that lyrics may have to be modified for this audience.

c.          A work may only be performed once, and not repeated in other sections of the same annual City of Hobart Eisteddfod(excepting Nelle Ashdown Memorial Awardand Music Theatre Cabaret Award).

4.    Check-in Requirements

a.          Entrants must check in and present adjudicator’s copy at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement time of each session in which entry has been made. Entrants whose adjudicator’s copies are not available before the beginning of a class may become ineligible for an award.

b.         Copies must be clean and legible, and should have attached the official check-in slip available from the check-in desk or downloadable from the website, with details of class number, entry number and entrant’s name, composer/author and composition title/s. The accompanist’s part for instrumental and vocal solos and choirs should be included. Bars must be numbered at the beginning of each stave (line). If accompaniments have been abridged, this should be marked in the adjudicator’s copy.


c.          Copyright: By the terms of the Eisteddfod’s copyright licence, photocopied material provided for the adjudicator is not returned and must be destroyed by the Eisteddfod Society. Participants are not permitted to perform from photocopied material unless the original is given to the adjudicator. Exception: printed copies of legally downloaded material are acceptable and should be marked as such if they are to be returned.

5.    Performance

a.          Competitors are asked to announce clearly the titles and composers/authors of their items.

b.         Competitors are responsible for providing their own equipment, including percussion equipment and amplification. Competitors in groups should provide their own music stands. Two music stands are provided at all venues.

c.          Instruments requiring amplification are allowed only for Instrumental Group classes 960 to 1020, and 1070.

d.         The order of performance will be as printed in the official program.

e.          Any entrant who has not checked in or who is not present at the required time may forfeit the right to perform. Please ensure that your accompanist is also available at the required time. NB: Bear in mind that competitors often play well within time limits. Withdrawals also affect class commencement times.

6.    Time Limits

a.          Performers and teachers should ensure that works selected fit comfortably within the time limit, to allow for flexibility within the performance. Accompaniment may be abridged. Performances which exceed the time limit may be deemed ineligible for an award.

b.         Performances will be timed from the first to the last note of the contestant or accompanist, excluding tuning. For recitals and other classes with more than one piece, applause and time between pieces is not timed. Exceptions: classes 1070 and 1490, where the entire performance is timed, excluding only applause.

7.    Accompaniment

a.          Works composed with accompaniment should be performed with an accompanist. Entrants should make their own arrangements for an accompanist. If needed, see www.hobarteisteddfod.com for a list of suggested accompanists. Please ensure that the accompanist is available at the required time. 

b.         Recorded accompaniment is not permitted.

8.    Adjudication

a.          Adjudication decisions will be final, but the committee has the right to advise, and if necessary, overrule the adjudicator in situations where the adjudicator requires clarification regarding syllabus specifics.  

b.         In addition to monetary awards listed, Award Certificates and Certificates of Merit are usually awarded in all classes. The Committee reserves the right to combine or withhold awards upon the advice of the adjudicator. Written reports are provided for all entrants and are available at the end of each session from the check-in desk.

c.          The Committee reserves the right to appoint an assistant or substitute adjudicator if an advertised adjudicator becomes unavailable.

d.         Performers should refrain from entering a category if they have been taught or mentored by the adjudicator of that category in the six months prior to the commencement of the Eisteddfod.

9.    General

a.          Photographs, video and audio recordings of actual performances are permitted as long as there are no disturbances and the recording/photo is not publicly broadcast.

b.         Alarm watches, mobile phones and other electronic equipment must be turned to silent. 

10.  Conduct of the Eisteddfod

a.          The Executive Committee of the City of Hobart Eisteddfod Society Inc will determine any matters arising out of, or not covered by, the Conditions of Entry, such decisions being final and not subject to any court or other process.

b.         The Society does not accept liability for loss or injury to persons or property during the Eisteddfod. 

11.  Eisteddfod Highlights Concert

a.         Winners of Perpetual Trophies and Special Awards will be invited to receive their award at the Highlights concert and also may be invited to perform at the concert on Friday the 21st of June 2019. 

b.         Award winners (conditional) of the Open Operatic Aria, the Open Pianoforte Recital and the Open Instrumental Recital will be required to perform in the Highlights Concert to be eligible for the Nelle Ashdown Memorial Award. 

c.          Award winners (conditional) of the Open Music Theatre Award and the Open Cabaret Award will be required to perform in the Highlights Concert to be eligible for the Musical Theatre Cabaret Award.